Hantman & Associates recognizes the frustrations and expense of litigation and marshals all of its resources to assist the client in avoiding litigation and seeking alternative avenues of dispute resolution. However, when required, the firm stands ready to litigate aggressively, vigorously, and professionally on behalf of our clients.

On behalf of corporations and individuals, the firm has litigated disputes in a variety of matters involving contract disputes, shareholder derivative suits, libel suits, suits involving the ownership of intellectual property (including the ownership of a "source code" in a computer related case), personal injury cases, matrimonial, and white collar criminal defense cases throughout the country.

Representative of our firm's broad experience in the litigation area is the firm's success in obtaining one of the largest private libel verdicts in New Jersey's history, the successful resolution of a multimillion dollar probate matter in Palm Beach, Florida, and the successful handling of white collar criminal defense matters in federal courts in New York, Florida, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Most notably, we have achieved successes against the New York Yankees, Montel Williams, Anna Nicole Smith, DNA Model Management, "Fabio" (televised nationally over Court TV), Danny DeVito, Shelly Finkel, Steven Seagal, ID Models, and countless others reflected in Mr. Hantman's Resume.

Arbitration and Mediation are recognized as alternative forms of dispute resolution.

In this regard, principals of our firm have experience in all phases of arbitration and mediation, particularly with the American Arbitration Association.

The type of matters subject to arbitration and mediation include complex construction matters and employee disputes, such as wrongful severance and/or termination.

Our integrity and dedication to you, the client, makes us your BEST choice for legal representation!

Clients may come to us at first instance or for a second opinion and lawyers approach us either to advise or act as experts. There are so many facets to this area of law, the depth and breath of the matters are complicated and conversance with foreign law essential. Psychological factors play a pivotal role and all of this together is why a team needs to address the many and varied issues associated with international divorce.

Our mediators focus on techniques to assist the parties to reach their own decisions. Our mediators to understand that their role is to advise the parties on ‘how’ to choose, not ‘what’ to choose. A choice is, in and of itself, a negotiation between many moving parts. We assist the parties to find the choices that makes sense, fulfills needs and to interconnect positively with the choices of others who will be impacted by change.

International Divorce

International divorce is a highly specialized field of law and requires both experience and contacts in overseas governments and law. Our global team of experienced attorneys act effectively and decisively to resolve all international divorce issues including child custody and complex financial matters.

Caroline Langley, Esq. - of Counsel
Caroline Langley, Esq. - of Counsel

Caroline Langley has achieved the highest accolades in international family law though her diverse practice in three jurisdictions: England & Wales, the United States and Hong Kong. She is committed to finding solutions to bring together families who are a world apart. Global divorce brings with it a myriad of issues from custody to intricate financial matters which Caroline successfully resolves by optimizing her extensive knowledge and international network. Her cases have spanned the world, ranging from Europe, South Africa, North America, South American, Canada to Asia. Her goal is to provide successful results while creating an environment of accountability, trust and respect.

Hantman & Associate is particularly knowledgeable and experienced in the legal and contractual problems that face the fashion industry, particularly as it involves modeling agencies, such as IMG, New York Models, LA Models, APM, Karins, Visages, Vue Photos Reps, Art Department, and Oliver Piro.

The firm also represents, or has represented, bookers, agents, and principals of many of the major modeling agencies. The firm not only prepares, reviews, and negotiates contracts regarding all contractual aspects of the business, such as contracts between the agency and models, bookers and the agency, and the agency and third parties, but perhaps, more importantly, handles litigation involving the interpretation, enforceability, and breaches of these contracts.

Hantman & Associates also specializes in resolving or litigating issues that arise when bookers and/or models leave one agency for another. The firm has been successful in recouping all advances and damages occasioned by this type of "defection" and/or defending against these types of actions that are all too common in the fashion industry.

Hantman & Associates recognizes that often a client's problem not only involves but transcends legal issues and that an effective coordinated effort to obtain a result may often involve an association with investigative firms involving former NAVY SEALS, FBI, DEA, CIA and Law Enforcement Personnel and public relation firms.

Hantman & Associates recognizes the importance of avoiding litigation and protecting the business and legal rights of its clients. The first step is through the preparation of contracts and corporate documents that are clear and concise coupled with the experience and knowledge to properly advise clients. In this regard the firm represents and advises all types of business entities, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies and closely held and publicly owned corporations. The firm acts as local counsel for national corporations and many local and regional companies. Our services include corporate formation and finance, corporate reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, negotiation and preparation of all types of contracts and representation of parties in intracorporate relationships and shareholder disputes. Our clients are engaged in diverse industries including manufacturing, transportation, computer software and hardware, real estate, franchising, sports and entertainment, agencies and professional services. Our firm’s expertise with corporation and LLC's allows us to craft integrated business and legal solutions for our clients.

However, when litigation cannot be avoided, our firm is experienced in representing our corporate clients in business and shareholder disputes, and pursuing and/or defending FINRA claims and defending against SEC Enforcement Actions. Our firm has also successfully pursued Investment Banks and Broker Dealers in lawsuits in both State and Federal Courts including John Thomas Financial and Lighthouse Financial Group.


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